11Organisations Sport Development Report for Germany 2017 2018 Part 1 2 1 The importance of sports clubs for Germany 2 1 1 Self conception The sports clubs were first asked about their self conception A five point scale was used to assess the self conception of different items from 1 do not agree at all to 5 strongly agree It can be seen that the sports clubs attach particular importance to community M 4 58 and democratic participation in the club M 4 39 Accor ding to the self statements great importance is also attached to the democratic participation of young people M 4 17 In addition it is important for sports clubs to improve what they have done so far M 4 34 and to develop new things M 4 01 In addition the sports clubs attach great importance to the qualification of their trainers and coaches M 4 20 and the further qualification and advanced training of volunteers M 3 96 also plays an important role for the clubs see Fig 1 Sports clubs continue to be particularly involved in children s and youth sport M 4 15 while specific involvement in sports for senior citizens M 3 58 and girls and women s sports M 3 42 is on average somewhat less pronounced This also applies to the areas of health sport M 3 12 and competitive sport M 2 93 The com mitment of sports clubs to people with disabilities M 2 70 and to refugees M 2 60 is somewhat lower The commitment of sports clubs in the areas of doping pre vention M 2 51 and prevention of match or competition collusion M 2 62 tends to be rather low In the area of prevention of sexu alised violence and child protection the average involvement of clubs is moderate M 3 13 see Fig 2

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