9Summary the most important facts in brief Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise The quality orientation of the services offered by sports clubs is high despite the low fees Four out of five clubs strongly or tend to agree with the statement that they attach importance to the qualification of their trai ners and coaches The quality orientation is based on a differentiated educational system of federations and confederations In total around 60 of coaches and trainers have a currently valid licence from a federation or state sports confederation More than half of the board members have formal or non formal qualifica tions for their activities In addition to pure sports programmes sports clubs in Germany also offer an important space for social exchange In 2017 for example more than 93 of the clubs organised festivals celebrations and social events In addition 62 5 of the clubs have spaces for meetings e g a clubhouse or a club restaurant Importance of honorary and volunteer work Sports clubs in Germany are characterised above all by volunteer work which is carried out at both the execu tive and implementation levels In 2017 a total of about 1 7 million people were engaged in voluntary positions in sports clubs however there has been a slight down ward trend compared to 2015 In addition there are the numerous volunteer helpers who support the clubs without being tied to a fixed position e g at club parties sports events by providing driving services and for renovations etc In 2015 just

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