70 Conclusion Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise context the structure of the sports club landscape must also be tak en into account which consists primarily of very small clubs which due to limited resources are very unlikely to be able to switch to paid staff The clubs may be able to bundle resources by collabora ting for example with schools day care centres or other clubs However representatives of organised sport and sports poli cy are also called upon to be more cognisant of the structures of sports clubs and to take this into account to a greater extent when designing the bureaucratic requirements On the other hand the clubs themselves are called upon to enquire with the associations and public institutions about possible support measures and to make use of existing offers This appears particularly necessary in the context of increased and necessary requirements e g in the area of child protection or financial management Ultimately there is no alternative to making volunteer posi tions more attractive and supporting volunteer functionaries in the clubs and associations because although the overall requirements are increasing these must be managed with the help of the asso ciations and clubs in such a way that the burdens on the individ ual volunteer s are reduced as far as possible creating incentives for individual commitment In addition to measures taken by the clubs themselves such as recognition campaigns this also includes necessary assistance from the associations in factual questions of all kinds as well as support through low threshold counselling and training programmes Moreover political successes in terms of re ducing bureaucratic costs and tax relief would also be a step in the right direction In addition the retention recruitment and qualification of coaches and trainers should be made a central theme of support work in the sports federations and confederations In this context it seems worth considering to what extent a moderate increase in the membership fees of the clubs could be used to initiate a quality or qualification offensive in the clubs

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