67Challenges and support benefits Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Support benefits of the clubs somewhat more developed for coaches and trainers than for board members In order to counteract the personnel problems sports clubs in Ger many rely on various support measures for their volunteers The clubs give priority to financial compensation such as the payment of expense allowances and travel allowances Direct payments in the form of expense allowances and travel allowances are used more for coaches and trainers In addition the clubs offer to assume the volunteers costs for further and advanced training to enable them to carry out their tasks In this way the clubs also ensure that they are able to offer high quality sports programmes However cost assumption by the clubs is also offered to coaches and trainers somewhat more than to board members Overall it is also apparent that clubs place more value on support benefits for coaches and trainers than on support benefits for board members These are mainly promoted by supporting new ideas which seems to make sense since board members are respon sible for the strategic work of the club and are therefore dependent on the implementation of new ideas

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