66 Challenges and support benefits Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise The survey 7th wave shows that the retention and recruit ment of volunteer functionaries in particular is an existential prob lem for sports clubs Moreover significantly more clubs see their existence threatened by member retention and recruitment than during the sixth wave of the Sport Development Report However it is also apparent that the perceived threat to the existence of sports clubs varies depending on the size of the club For example significantly more very small clubs with up to 100 members feel their existence is threatened by at least one problem than is the case for all larger clubs The proportion of clubs that feel such a threat to their existence tends to fall as the size of the club increases Just over a third of the clubs with 301 to 1 000 members state that they feel that their existence is threatened by at least one problem while this applies to 27 5 of the large sports clubs with more than 2 500 members cf Table 5 Table 5 Clubs with existential problems Club size number of members Clubs with at least one existential problem Share of clubs in up to 100 41 2 101 300 36 3 301 1 000 34 8 1 001 2 500 27 9 over 2 500 27 5

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