65Challenges and support benefits Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Personnel problems as a central challenge for sports clubs in Germany Sports clubs in Germany continue to face challenges with person nel problems This is particularly evident in the retention and re cruitment of volunteer functionaries which on average is seen as the most serious problem and has increased compared to the sixth wave of the Sport Development Report The same applies to the re tention and recruitment of coaches and trainers as well as member retention and recruitment Clubs increasingly find themselves limited by bureaucratic hurdles such as the number of laws and regulations while at the same time lacking support from politics and administration It can therefore be stated that the complexity of the demands on the clubs or club boards is increasing while at the same time the search for club personnel is becoming more difficult On the other hand fi nancial problems and difficulties concerning sports facilities tend to be less severe 37 8 of sports clubs in Germany see their existence threatened by at least one prob lem very small clubs most affected In addition to general challenges there are also difficulties which threaten the existence of clubs and are therefore to be regarded as particularly critical Just under 38 of the clubs state that they feel threatened in their existence by at least one of the given problems This means that the proportion of clubs with at least one existential problem has more than doubled since the first wave of the Sport Development Report SDR 2005 2006 15 1

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