62 Infrastructure and finances Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise vey of the West German Football and Track and Field Association WFLV on appropriate membership fees in football and track and field clubs showed that an increase in membership fees of up to 40 would make economic sense19 This means that there is con siderable potential for sports clubs in Germany to improve their revenue situation through membership fees This could for exam ple make it possible to invest more in the education and training of their board members and coaches and trainers putting them in a position to be able to offer their members a higher quality sports programme However the interests of members must always be kept in mind when making such an increase as the core objective of the clubs is not to maximise revenue but to represent the interests of the members However further studies show that members are willing to pay higher fees especially if the club gets into financial difficulties20 In such financially difficult situations the clubs may well resort to an increase in membership fees21 19 See Breuer C Wicker P Swierzy P 2016 Angemessene Mitgliedschaftsbeiträge in den Fußball und Leichtathletikvereinen des WFLV Köln Deutsche Sporthochschule Köln 20 See Swierzy P Wicker P Breuer C 2018 Willingness to pay for memberships in non profit sports clubs The role of organizational capacity International Journal of Sport Finance 13 3 261 278 21 See Feiler S Wicker P Breuer C 2019 Nonprofit Pricing Determinants of Membership Fee Levels in Nonprofit Sports Clubs in Germany International Journal of Sport Finance 14 4 262 277

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