61Infrastructure and finances Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Continued low membership fees Despite an overall increase in revenue from membership fees it is apparent that the membership fees per member for sports clubs in Germany are still low For example half of the clubs charge a month ly fee for children of up to 3 for adolescents of max 4 and for adults of max 8 cf Table 4 Through these low fees clubs offer a low threshold sports programme that is affordable for a broad sec tion of the population Nevertheless the system perspective which produces representative results for members rather than for clubs shows that on average members pay slightly higher fees than is evident from the club perspective This means that larger clubs in which more members are organised tend to charge higher mem bership fees than very small clubs Table 4 Average membership fees in German sports clubs Monthly mem bership fee for Median in Median in System Perspective Children 3 00 5 00 Adolescents 4 00 6 00 Adults 8 00 9 30 If we compare the membership fees over time with the re sults of the first wave of the Sport Development Report 2005 2006 it becomes clear that the fees have hardly increased in the last 15 years In 2005 for example half of the clubs had maximum mem bership fees of 3 for children max 3 60 for adolescents and up to 6 50 for adults Taking inflation into account club members are currently paying less for their membership than they did 15 years ago This is particularly interesting in view of the fact that a sur

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