53Infrastructure and finances Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Clubs mainly use municipal sports facilities with regional differences Two thirds of the sports clubs use public i e municipal sports fa cilities Around half of the clubs that use municipal sports facilities have to pay a fee to use them In contrast around 41 of the clubs have club owned facilities including clubhouses However this share has decreased compared to 2015 There are also differences between the federal states cf Fig 15 Just over half of the sports clubs in Bavaria 50 9 and Baden Württemberg 50 2 each have their own sports facilities while the proportion of clubs with their own facilities is lowest in Berlin at 22 1 On the other hand almost three quarters of Berlin s sports clubs use municipal facilities This proportion is the highest in comparison to the clubs in the other federal states The financial situation of German sports clubs is largely stable Almost three quarters of the clubs had a positive revenue expend iture account in 2016 which means that the revenue exceeds the expenditure and the clubs maintain a stable financial situation The size of the club does not play a decisive role here However the over all share of clubs with a positive revenue expenditure account has decreased slightly compared to the survey period two years earlier Wide variance in revenue and expenditure of the clubs If we consider the total annual revenue and expenditure of the clubs in the financial year 2016 there are clear differences associat

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