51Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise people who have not yet received training to a first qualification Nevertheless initial training is also very important for clubs as it is apparent that qualified coaches and trainers are more willing to carry out their work for a longer period of time Permanent contact persons increase the willingness of volunteers to take part in further training The presentation of the situation of volunteer board members as well as coaches and trainers show that qualification for the work is a decisive factor in many respects It is therefore crucial for the clubs to convince the volunteers of the need for further education and training In this context it is helpful to designate a person who is specifically in charge of further and advanced training matters and serves as a point of contact for interested volunteers It has been shown that in clubs that have such a caretaker the willingness of coaches and trainers as well as the board members to take part in further training is greater On a positive note about 41 of the clubs already have such a permanent contact person in their club

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