49Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Fun as the greatest source of motivation for coaches and trainers For coaches and trainers fun is the most important incentive for their activity More than 61 of the coaches and trainers strongly agree with this motive cf Fig 14 We see that women are more mo tivated by fun and feeling good than men The opposite is true for the motive sporting success men feel more motivated than wom en Similar to the board members coaches and trainers are strongly intrinsically motivated for their activity and cite social responsibili ty as well as altruism and values as other important motives Fig 13 Satisfaction of the coaches and trainers compared to the board members Coaches and trainers Board members 0 2 64 8 10 Likelihood of recommending the club 0 unlikely 10 most likely Consideration of terminating the activity 0 never 10 very often Likelihood of recommending the activity 0 unlikely 10 most likely General satisfaction with the activity 0 not satis ed at all 10 extremely satis ed Mean value 8 00 7 51 7 74 6 87 3 46 4 59 8 64 8 86

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