48 Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise science and just under 3 have been trained by a commercial pro vider Around 22 have no training for their work as coaches and trainers cf Fig 12 This applies proportionately to more men than women and more young people than older people Coaches and trainers with a licence are on average older average age 46 5 than persons without this training average age 40 7 This shows that the higher the age the higher the proportion of qualified coaches and trainers and vice versa Average high satisfaction among coaches and trainers With regard to satisfaction the picture is similar for coaches and trainers as for board members average satisfaction with the activ ity is very high and even higher for women than for men The likeli hood of recommending the club is also very high but averagely not higher than for board members cf Fig 13 and increases with the age of the coaches and trainers Training for the activity appears to be a decisive factor in achieving a generally higher level of satisfaction with the activity On average trained i e qualified coaches and trainers show a high er level of satisfaction with the activity as do women and older peo ple who are more often in possession of a licence Coaches and trainers are especially satisfied with their own performance the cooperation within the club and the sporting suc cess of the training group Overall coaches and trainers seem to be more satisfied with the situation and the support provided by the club than by the association It can also be seen that coaches and trainers with training for their activity are more satisfied with the opportu nities for further and advanced training the professional support provided by the association and the provision of appropriate teach ing and learning materials An improvement in the opportunities for edu cation and training offered by clubs and associations might therefore possibly lead to a better rate of training and qualification

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