44 Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise isfied with their activity The board members are also very satisfied with their lives overall Here the average score is as high as 7 98 which means that board members are more satisfied with their lives than the population as a whole 7 34 The high level of satisfaction as a board member is also re flected in the high likelihood of recommending the activity and the club to others Almost three quarters of the surveyed board mem bers stated that they would most likely recommend their activity to others However 14 were unlikely to recommend the activity The consideration of terminating the activities as a board member is also not irrelevant 41 of board members say that they have of ten considered terminating their activities even if they have not yet put this idea into practice Such considerations are more frequent among older than younger board members and more frequent among men than women in board positions Despite the above mentioned consideration of terminating their activities there is nevertheless a high degree of continuity among the board members They hold a board office for an average of 12 years Just under one in 13 board members has been carrying out their activities for over 30 years cf Fig 11 A position on the board of a sports club in Germany implies a long term commit ment to the office accompanied by frequent problems regarding succession arrangements Problems of retaining and recruiting volunteer officers con tinue to represent the greatest and growing challenges for sports clubs see also section 7 These could become more acute in the fu ture as a result of current social developments such as changes in the world of work and the associated higher demands on the flex ibility of employees Trends are already apparent as younger age groups who are still fully immersed in working life are underre presented especially in club management positions Board members are most frequently dissatisfied with tax benefits financial compensation and bureaucracy Although the

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