43Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise sports system for work in sport proves to be beneficial for board activities However it is apparent that just under 43 of the board members have no special training for their activities cf Fig 10 Qualification of great importance Qualifications are of great importance both for the club and for volunteer board members There are differences between the board members with and without training for their activities for example in terms of satisfaction motivation for the activity terms of office willingness to take part in further training receipt of expense al lowances and limitations in the activity due to a lack of knowledge and skills Qualified board members are generally more motivated for their activity and can look back on longer terms of office in al most all board positions In addition they feel less limited by their knowledge and skills than untrained board members and show a greater willingness to take part in further training Trained board members are also more satisfied with their own performance the motivation of the participants in club groups and the opportuni ties for education and training than board members without train ing for the activity Finally trained board members receive a higher expense allowance for their activity than board members without training Training for the position as board member is therefore im portant not only to obtain the necessary qualifications but also to feel personally more confident in carrying out the activity High satisfaction and continuity among the board members Overall the board members of sports clubs in Germany are very satisfied with their work On a scale from 0 not satisfied at all to 10 extremely satisfied they give an average score of 7 51 which means that approx 88 of the board members are generally sat

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