39Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Fig 8 Share of clubs with a paid management position differentiated according to the size of the club Yes full time Yes part time No Paid management position available by club size 0 20 60 40 80 100 98 more than 2 500 members 1 001 to 2 500 members 301 to 1 000 members 101 to 300 members up to 100 members 11 232453 612811 8983 9631 Share of clubs in as in technology maintenance and care and analyse the changes in the number of paid employees between 2012 and 2017 the majority of clubs have seen no change in the number of paid employees over the same period 83 5 In contrast 11 8 of the clubs report a slight or strong increase in paid activity over these five years while only about 4 7 of the clubs report a slight or strong decrease in paid activity

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