38 Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise same clubs that participated in all six waves showed that there were no significant changes in the total number of volunteer positions during the period mentioned although there was a slight decline in volunteer positions at the executive level10 However the relatively small number of cases of the same sports clubs participating in the first six waves must be taken into account in this analysis 142 sports clubs participated in all of the first six waves of the Sport Develop ment Report i e these clubs were not dissolved during this period which might indicate an above average performance of these clubs Paid management positions only exist in a few clubs In order to meet the increased challenges in club management an average of 6 4 of sports clubs in Germany rely on a paid man agement position These positions are primarily exercised on a part time basis However there are clear and significant differences concerning the existence of such a paid management position if the analysis is differentiated according to the size of the club For example 98 of the very small clubs with up to 100 members do not have a paid management position while more than half of the large clubs with more than 2 500 members have a full time manag er cf Fig 8 Descriptively a slight increase in the number of clubs with paid management positions can be observed SDR 2015 2016 5 7 SDR 2017 2018 6 4 even if this change is not significant If we look at all forms of paid employment for example in the areas of administration sports training and competition operations as well 10 See Breuer C Feiler S 2017 Sportverein im Wandel Zur Entwicklung der Sportvereine in Deutschland von 2005 bis 2015 In C Breuer Ed Sportentwicklungsbericht 2015 2016 Band I Analyse zur Situation der Sportvereine in Deutschland pp 243 263 Hellenthal Sportverlag Strauß

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