36 Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise it is based on projections and data from stakeholder group surveys which are considered non representative and may therefore only reflect an approximation of the actual added value of volunteering in sport However it should also be noted that these projections do not yet include the amount of work carried out by the volunteer referees and officials nor the time invested by the volunteer helpers who support the clubs free of charge during special work assign ments such as club parties sports events or driving services If we refer to the data collected in the sixth wave of the SDR the total number of volunteer helpers in sports clubs in Germany in 2015 was around 6 3 million In total this means that in 2015 there were about 8 million honorary and volunteer employees in sports clubs in Germany Volunteer positions and their development The sports clubs in Germany are mainly based on the volunteer commitment of their members In 2017 almost 1 7 million mem bers were involved in volunteer positions This volunteer commit ment can be carried out on the executive or implementation level e g as a coach trainer or referee In the sports clubs in Germany there are an average of 8 4 positions at the executive level and 8 7 positions at the implementation level In addition there are on av erage just under two cash auditors whose number has increased compared to 2015 On the other hand the total number of occupied volunteer positions has decreased slightly 4 It is apparent that proportionately more men than women volunteer in sports clubs in Germany A total of around 1 1 million men and almost 550 000 women are involved in sports clubs on a voluntary basis On average slightly more women are involved at the implementation level i e among coaches and trainers as well as

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