35Volunteer and paid work in sports clubs Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Volunteering is an important economic factor for the German economy Volunteer work is carried out without remuneration Neverthe less volunteers may receive an expense allowance for their ac tivities For coaches and trainers this is tax free up to an annual amount of 2 400 the so called trainer allowance For the volun teer board members the so called volunteer allowance amounts to 720 per year the reference year is 2017 in each case The work performed by volunteers is not included in the overall economic performance of the Federal Republic of Germa ny However an attempt to determine the value of volunteer work shows that volunteers in Germany s sports clubs generate consider able added value For example the average monthly commitment of board members to sports clubs in Germany is between nine and 26 hours depending on the board position This results in a total monthly commitment of around 13 million hours If one were to pay an av erage of 15 per hour for this time this would result in a monthly added value of around 194 8 million This corresponds to an an nual added value of around 2 34 billion generated by the board members of sports clubs in Germany A similar picture emerges with regard to the added value of volunteer coaches and trainers On average they invest about four hours per week in their commitment in the sports club which re sults in a total weekly commitment of around 2 5 million hours and a monthly commitment of around 10 8 million hours This corre sponds to a monthly added value of around 162 5 million or an annual added value of around 1 95 billion from the volunteer coaches and trainers in sports clubs in Germany As a result volunteer coaches and trainers as well as board members in sports clubs in Germany generate a total of almost 4 3 billion However this sum should be treated with caution as

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