31Programmes and services Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise 0 10 20 30 40 29 4 25 9 24 8 12 9 8 8 33 0 Share of clubs in Running events e g city races Testing for the German sports badge Holiday camps Other programmes such as hiking days excursions mass sports events tournaments Sports festivals Training camps Fig 6 Complementary sports and leisure activities offered by clubs exercise but are often a place for social interaction contribute to community development and have a high capacity for social inte gration for a wide range of population groups Sports clubs there fore play an important role in society In this context it is also apparent that board members as well as coaches and trainers in sports clubs in Germany are on average better socially connected than the average population The board members state that they have an average of seven close friends the coaches and trainers have an average of six close friends while the German average for the year 2017 was around four close friend ships9 9 Socio Economic Panel database SOEP 2017

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