29Programmes and services Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Wide range of sports The sports clubs in Germany offer their members a wide range of sports activities In 2017 the average number of sports offered in the clubs varied from one sport to 45 sports with an average num ber of around three sports In addition to classic competitive sports such as football handball swimming or athletics trend sports such as slacklining parkour or freerunning are also offered The most frequently represented sports in the club sample in 2017 were foot ball gymnastics table tennis tennis volleyball and shooting Sports clubs are also expanding their offerings in health sports Clubs as the basis for talent scouting and promotion as well as competitive sports In addition to the wide range of programmes in mass sports sports clubs play an important role in competitive sports According to the DOSB concept for young athletes they form the basis for talent scouting and promotion and are responsible for the basic training of young athletes8 Around 15 of sports clubs in Germany had squad athletes A B C D C D squads in their ranks in 2017 This share has increased significantly compared to the sixth wave of the Sport Development Report In addition almost 29 of the clubs indicate that athletes from their club have been called into a selec tion It is therefore evident that competitive sport continues to play an important role in sports clubs in Germany and that almost one third of the clubs are integrated into the competitive sports system 8 See DOSB 2014 Nachwuchsleistungssportkonzept 2020 Unser Ziel Dein Start für Deutschland Frankfurt Main German Olympic Sports Confederation

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