25Structure and development of sports clubs in Germany Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise 0 20 40 60 80 100 581824 70 711910 2010 73216 76 79138 1014 80146 88 8983 94 is involved in sports for senior citizens Distribution of the clubs agreement on the self conception of the club share of clubs in attaches importance to the further quali cation and advanced training of volunteers attaches importance to the cultivation of tradition attaches importance to developing new things is involved in children s and youth sports attaches importance to the quali cation of its trainers and coaches attaches importance to the democratic participation of young people attaches importance to making what has been done so far better attaches importance to democratic participation in the club attaches importance to community 51 102 Fig 4 Self conception of sports clubs Part 1 tend to disagree half half tend to agree Our club

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