23Structure and development of sports clubs in Germany Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise back on a long history but that new sports clubs have also been founded in the recent past Thus the founding years of the clubs vary from before 1850 1 3 of the clubs to the recent past cf Fig 3 Football remains the No 1 sport in Germany If we look at the associations as a further structural unit of organ ised sport in addition to the clubs it is apparent that the association with the largest number of members is the German Football Asso ciation DFB with around 7 million members Other associations with a large membership are the German Gymnastics Federation DTB almost 5 million members the German Tennis Federation DTB 1 4 million members the German Shooting Federation DSB 1 3 million members and the German Alpine Club DAV 1 1 mil lion members In comparison to the beginnings of the Sport De velopment Report it is apparent that the memberships of the Foot ball Association and the Alpine Club have increased over the last 15 years while the Gymnastics Federation Tennis Federation and Shooting Federation have seen memberships decline6 This can be deduced from the DOSB annual surveys The increases in the Ger man Football Association are partly attributable to increases in pas sive members e g fan clubs among the core clubs in professional football 6 The developments relate to the central German associations i e at federal level

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