20 Structure and development of sports clubs in Germany Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Many very small clubs in Germany The average size of sports clubs in Germany is around 267 members with differences specific to the individual federal states similar to the degree of organisation cf Fig 2 The largest average sports club size is in Hamburg around 559 members on average while the smallest sports clubs are in Thuringia 108 members on average The other German city state Bremen is also above the national av erage with an average of 391 members as is Berlin with an average of 298 members per sports club The largest share of sports clubs in Germany consists of very small clubs with up to 100 members 46 6 cf Table 1 Only 4 3 of sports clubs have more than 1 000 members However the largest absolute number of members is contained in medium sized sports clubs with 301 to 1 000 members These clubs represent almost 40 of all club members while the next largest 1 001 to 2 500 members and next smallest 101 to 300 members club sizes are each home to around one fifth of the club members in Germany If we look at the development of the average club size using longitudinal data a slight but not significant decline in the average club size over the last 12 years can be observed Table 1 Club sizes of the sports clubs in Germany Club size number of members Share of clubs in Share of members in up to 100 46 6 7 9 101 300 29 3 19 5 301 1 000 19 8 39 1 1 001 2 500 3 7 19 8 over 2 500 0 6 13 7

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