19Structure and development of sports clubs in Germany Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise With almost 90 000 sports clubs Germany has a broad base of organised sport In order to give a short overview of the sports club landscape in Germany we will first take a look at the overall population of sports clubs in Germany 4 For this purpose we use the DOSB s annual sur vey in this case for 20175 In the reference year for the club survey i e 2017 there were a total of 89 594 sports clubs and around 27 4 million club member ships in Germany In 2017 the degree of organisation of the popula tion in the member organisations of the DOSB was 33 2 However the degree of organisation differs considerably between the federal states cf Fig 2 and there are particularly clear differences between the new federal states i e the former eastern part of Germany Ger man Democratic Republic GDR and old federal states i e the west ern part of Germany Federal Republic of Germany FRG Branden burg former GDR had the lowest degree of organisation in 2017 with 13 7 while in Saarland FDR almost 37 of the population living there were members of a sports club Comparing the number of sports clubs and memberships with the first year of the Sport Development Report i e 2005 no major changes are apparent According to the DOSB annual sur vey there were 89 870 clubs and 27 2 million memberships in 2005 which corresponded to a degree of organisation of about 33 The blanket assumption of the death of clubs in Germany over the last 15 years can therefore not be confirmed 4 The figures presented in this section therefore refer to the population of sports clubs not to the club sample of the Sport Development Report 5 See DOSB 2017 Annual Survey 2017 Frankfurt Main German Olympic Sports Confeder ation

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