14 Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Summary the most important facts in brief Club Finances The financial situation of sports clubs in Germany is largely stable In 2016 almost three quarters of the clubs state that their revenue exceeds their expenditure However this proportion is slightly lower than in the previous wave of the Sport Development Report 2014 As in previous years the main sources of revenue are membership fees and donations These sources of reve nue have increased significantly since 2014 Altogether the revenue from the non material area of the clubs i e from membership fees admission fees donations and grants makes up almost three quarters of all revenue Sports clubs in Germany spend most of their money on core sports operations The largest expenditure item is for coaches trainers and sports instructors which has increased significantly compared to 2014 Proportionally most of the expenses are for sports operations and personnel Challenges for sports clubs especially in terms of personnel While around two thirds of the clubs in Germany assess their financial situation as not or only slightly proble matic in 2017 clubs continue to face increasing person nel problems

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