12 Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Summary the most important facts in brief In terms of satisfaction future planning and moti vation however there are differences on the basis of gender age structure and educational level of the volunteers Support benefits offered to the volunteers by the clubs In order to support the volunteers in carrying out their tasks and to ensure the provision of high quality sports programmes the clubs rely most heavily on the take over of costs for further and advanced training although these support measures are somewhat more frequently offered to coaches and trainers than to board members The clubs also offer their volunteers financial support in the form of expense allowances and travel allowances However on average material incentives play only a minor role in motivating coaches and trainers as well as board members Qualification is important Caretakers promote willingness to take part in further training Qualifications are of great importance both for the club and for the volunteer board members as well as coaches and trainers themselves because Volunteers with a qualification are more motivated

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