11Summary the most important facts in brief Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Coaches and trainers in sports clubs in Germany are slightly younger compared to board members with an average age of about 45 years A total of around 606 600 volunteer coaches and train ers are involved in sports clubs in Germany The gender distribution is more balanced among coaches and trainers than among board members although there is a higher proportion of male than female volunteer coaches and trainers compared to part time and full time employees High continuity of volunteer commitment On average board activities are carried out for 12 years with about 8 of the board members having been ac tive in a volunteer capacity as a board member for more than 30 years This shows a high continuity of the volunteer com mitment of board members in sports clubs and the enormous binding power of organised sport Satisfaction of board members coaches and trainers is largely very high Both coaches and trainers as well as board members are largely satisfied with their activities and plan to con tinue them in the future

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