10 Sports clubs in Germany More than just exercise Summary the most important facts in brief under a quarter of the club members were volunteer helpers which extrapolates to a figure of around 6 3 million volunteer helpers According to these numbers a total of around 8 million people were involved in sports clubs on a volunteer basis in 2015 Volunteer coaches and trainers commit a total of around 10 8 million hours per month to the sports clubs For the volunteer board members and cash auditors the monthly commitment amounts to around 13 million hours Through their commitment volunteer board members coaches and trainers together generate an annual added value of approximately 4 3 billion This num ber does not include the voluntary commitment of the referees and officials and the time invested by volunteer helpers Board members predominantly older and male compared to coaches and trainers Board members in sports clubs tend to be older 53 on average than coaches and trainers Managerial positions e g chairperson president in particular are filled by older people Women are underrepresented on the boards Women most frequently hold the position of secretary and are least likely to be club chairpersons

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