3 Excursus Methodological background Sports Satellite Account Germany SSA Scientific support is of central importance for fact based advice on sports policy and practice In this sense the Federal Institute for Sport Science BISp and the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi pursue the goal of providing decision makers in sports policy and sports practice with valid data material also with regard to the economic significance of sport Since 2008 all expenditures made in Germany for sports purposes have therefore been summa rized in a satellite account of the national accounts VGR Satellite accounts are prepared when the economic performance is not provided by one industry but by many industries on the basis of an overarching theme Examples besides sports are health and tourism The satellite accounts on sport SSA now available for the national accounts for the years 2008 2010 2012 2014 and 2016 show the high relevance of the economic factor sport for the Ger man gross value added Ahlert et al 2019 Within the scope of the preparation and updating of the SSK data on the sport related con sumption of the German population the expenditures of companies for sport related advertis ing and sports sponsoring as well as the funds flowing into Germany for sport related media rights are continuously collected In addition the public and private investments for sports facili ties as well as the construction and personnel operating costs of sports facilities and sports op portunities are surveyed This provides a comprehensive database on the scope of sport related activities and the associated expenditures and investments The most recent publication on the sports satellite account is Die ökonomische Bedeutung des Sports in Deutschland Sportsatel litenkonto SSK 2016 Ahlert et al 2019 In addition special publications on the SSK are published annually in the series Current Data on Sports Economy These special publications do not reflect the entire sports satellite account its economic relevance and interrelationships but are special evaluations on various topics from regular primary surveys To date the following special publications have been published 2013 Winter sports as an economic factor English version available 2014 Sports betting as an economic factor 2015 Football as an economic factor 2016 Older people as the engine of the sports economy 2017 Outdoor sports as an economic factor 2019 Sport inside or outside the sports club sports activity and sports consumption by type of organization The primary statistical data in this thematic report are based on a representative population sur vey on sports activity and sports related consumer spending of German private households in 2017 1 222 persons aged 16 and over were interviewed by telephone All publications can be found at www sportsatellitenkonto de

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