1 Content Summary 2 Excursus Methodological background Sports Satellite Account Germany SSA 3 Distinction between physical and sporting activity 4 Benefits of physical activity and costs of inactivity 4 Excursus Bearers of the direct costs of physical inactivity in international comparison 7 WHO recommendations for physical activity 8 23 of the adult population is sufficiently physically active 45 in terms of endurance activities 8 Contribution of sport to the fulfilment of WHO recommendations 34 of the adult population meet the endurance recommendations based on physical activity alone 10 The extent of sufficient physical activity varies according to age and social status 12 Excursus Estimation of the economic health costs of sports injuries 15 Cycling fitness and jogging contribute the most to physical activity 16 Positioning and discussion 20 Cited literature 22 List of the 71 sports of the Sports Satellite Account SSA 25 Published in the context of the sport satellite account to date 27

Vorschau Der Beitrag des Sports zur Erfüllung der WHO-Empfehlungen - EN Seite 3
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