20 top sports can provide an indication that the criteria for muscle strengthening through sport are fulfilled to a lesser extent than the criteria for endurance activity Positioning and discussion The aim of this paper is to examine the role of sport in meeting WHO criteria for physical activ ity It is shown that sport makes an important contribution to meeting the WHO criteria for physical activity However this finding is not new in itself but is generally accepted as a consen sus Sport without physical activity is usually not possible either What is new on the other hand is the extent to which this has now been empirically proven Sufficient weekly sport related endurance activity is performed by 34 of the adult population This means that a high proportion of the total number of hours spent on physical activity in lei sure time is spent doing sports Furthermore it should be mentioned that these 34 already ful fils the WHO recommendations through sport alone A further 11 achieves the WHO recom mendations also through other endurance activities although sport also makes a contribution which cannot be quantified here It can be assumed however that the 34 is rather the lower limit for the contribution of sport There are sometimes considerable differences between age groups and when socio economic characteristics are considered Sport for all also with regard to the health aspect of sport re mains an unfulfilled wish at present The current trend currently seems to be towards greater inactivity European Commission 2018 With a view to the future and demographic change the economic cost burden of physical inac tivity could also rise thus increasing the need for more exercise the Centre for Economics and Business Research assumes that annual costs of over 125 billion20 could be incurred across Eu rope in 2030 Cebr 2015 Measures that would bring only one fifth of currently inactive Europeans up to the recom mended level of regular activity would already save up to 16 billion and some 100 000 deaths associated with inactivity could be avoided across the EU The savings potential for Germany is estimated at about 2 9 billion Cebr 2015 The goal can therefore only be to remove barriers to access to sport and to encourage as high a proportion of the population as possible to engage in sufficient physical activity Accordingly the WHO for example has identified guiding principles and fields of action to fulfil the follow ing mandate promote physical activity and reduce sedentary work create conditions conducive to physical activity through an attractive and safe environ ment areas accessible to the public and appropriate infrastructure provide equal opportunities for physical activity regardless of gender age income edu cation ethnicity or disability facilitate movement and remove existing barriers WHO 2015b 20 in prices of 2012

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