18 Intensity In addition to the results reported in Table 2 Figure 9 provides further necessary in formation regarding the contribution of the individual sports to the fulfilment of the WHO rec ommendations It shows the proportion of intensive minutes minutes with moderate physical exertion and minutes without physical exertion within a training unit Fig 9 Distribution of intensities per sport Source Sports Satellite Account SSA of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi and the Federal Institute for Sports Science BISp calculations and presentation 2HMforum German population 2017 representative sample N 1 222 aged 16 and over In a comparison of the sports football is the most intensive with 59 intensive minutes fol lowed by dancing 57 and fitness 53 Health sports back training fall prophylaxis heart sports lung sports are also far ahead in this ranking Bowling is the least intensive sport 25 of training units are completed without effort but 10 with intensive activity Altogether moder ate minutes take up the largest share of the sport Contribution of sports to WHO recommendations In the following the contribution of the individual sports to the fulfilment of the WHO recommendations is finally determined by sport as a whole i e what proportion of the sports currently contribute to the 34 of the population aged 16 and over who meet the WHO criteria through sport alone The contribution of the indi vidual types of sport to the fulfilment of the WHO criteria is also broken down into intensive and moderate physical activity For each column the percentages indicated add up to 100 59 57 53 44 32 30 27 23 23 22 21 10 39 42 42 51 65 65 65 75 76 65 76 66 2 1 6 5 3 5 7 2 1 12 1 25 Football Dancing Fitness Health Sport Cycling Gymnastics Hiking Running Jogging Nordic walking Swimming Pilates yoga Bowling Intensive Moderate Without effort

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