13 technically less demanding sports an der Heiden et al 2016 In general however no general withdrawal from physically active sporting activities can be observed even at an older age in fact a noticeable decline is only observed from around 70 years of age an der Heiden et al 2016 Gender No significant differences can be observed between women and men with regard to the criteria for endurance activity fulfilled by sport Fig 6 Fig 6 Proportion of the population that achieves the WHO recommenda tions through sport alone endurance activity by gender Source Sports Satellite Account SSA of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy BMWi and the Federal Institute for Sports Science BISp calculations and presentation 2HMforum German population 2017 representative sample N 1 222 aged 16 and over Although men 35 tend to achieve the WHO minimum criteria more often through sporting activity than women 33 the difference is rather small The Robert Koch Institute reports that women statistically significantly less often achieve the WHO recommendation on endurance ac tivity overall 43 compared to 48 of men Finger et al 2017a Net household income Considerable differences can be observed analogous to the general sports participation in Germany according to social status The different proportions are particu larly striking when broken down by net household income Figure 7 People with low income reach the recommendations through sport much less often than people with high income In the lowest income bracket up to 900 20 reach the minimum activity level in the highest income bracket as much as 50 which corresponds to 2 5 times the share of the lowest income bracket Persons with a lower social status are on average more physically active at work RKI 2015 although work related physical activity does not bring the same health benefits as lei sure related physical activity RKI 2015 33 35 Female Male

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