10 and 49 for boys and decreases continuously thereafter In the age group from 14 to 17 years 8 of girls and 16 of boys are sufficiently physically active Finger et al 2018 However the prevalence measurement of attainment of the WHO criteria between children and adults are difficult to compare due to the differences in the recommendations In a European comparison Germany is in the front midfield in terms of the proportion of physi cally active persons behind the Netherlands Denmark Sweden and Latvia Eurobaro meter and European Commission 2018 According to WHO criteria the data on physical activity to date refer to all forms of exercise and activities in the context of leisure In the following the main question is what contribution ex clusively sport currently makes to the fulfilment of the WHO criteria While the values and fig ures reported in the preceding sections are based on secondary literature the following anal yses are based on data from the Sports Satellite Account Contribution of sport to the fulfilment of WHO recommenda tions 34 of the adult population meet the endurance recom mendations based on physical activity alone In the context of the population surveys for the sports satellite account Germany most recently in spring 2018 February to March one aspect of the study was also the question of how many minutes per week are spent on the active practice of sports14 The survey was conducted per sport more precisely for 71 sport clusters of the sports satellite account see Appendix In addi tion it was determined how many minutes were spent with what intensity intensive fashionable or without physical exertion Figure 3 first illustrates the distribution of respondents by minutes spent on sports per week First of all it is apparent that 43 of the population aged 16 and over are inactive in terms of sport 14 of the population are up to 75 minutes per week 1 25 hours physically active which is below the WHO minimum criteria Between 75 and 150 minutes of physical activity are reported by 13 of the respondents Of these 13 just under a third are devoted to intensive sporting minutes This corresponds to 4 of the population that engages in sufficiently intensive sports to meet the WHO criteria Another 30 are either moderately or intensively active to a sufficient extent 4 of the respondents even state that they do more than seven hours of sport per week 14 They were asked about their sports activity in the last four weeks and the results were converted to a weekly basis

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