festivals And also for gigantic prehistoric creatures and their huge necks The best thing though is that the wave like roof and the organic almost biomorphic tent and pro file structure frames these once living ex hibits wonderfully well explains Eilers The Ocean tent system is not one of Nep tunus s best known products Its hall systems such as the Evolution or Flexolution which are similar to permanent buildings and are actually often used permanently are very widespread But for special occasions and an appealing ambience the Ocean tents are ide al The Düsseldorfer Jazz Rally festival in June 2016 was one such occasion The Jazz Rally tent on Burgplatz was the central point of the music festival which is held all around the city s historic old town The tent was always full and the atmosphere was fantastic It gave the event a certain style and made an impact with its sweeping curves and the cosy atmosphere it created empha sises Eilers The Ocean certainly lived up to its name There were waves of enthusiasm inside it The Ocean tent is often used for special exhibitions concerts receptions golf tournaments and similar events and that has much to do with its stylish architecture and atmospheric interior In order to take into ac count the need not just for height but also for floor space Ocean tents up to 30 metres wide can be erected There are no limits at all on the length Theoretically it is possible to construct a tent of infinite length An un limited number of these tents can be erected next to each other and interconnected to form a single room But then it does lose its visual impact says Eilers This tent is a special event venue that thrives thanks to its unique architecture and wave like roof www neptunus de Tent systems are used not just as stand alone exhibition halls or to increase hall ca pacity and provide more covered space At a trade fair like Bauma in Munich for exam ple tent systems are often used outdoors Af ter all many of the exhibits at this leading world fair for construction machines vehi cles and equipment are far too large to be ex hibited in the halls It is not unusual for the cranes diggers and mining machinery to be up to 10 or 15 metres high or even higher or for them to require a large outdoor area for demonstration purposes The tents provide additional space for media presentations and further exhibitions as well as information hospitality catering and of course meeting areas At Bauma in 2016 Röder a company based in Büdingen in the German federal state of Hesse supplied several large ex hibitors with its mobile halls for this kind of purpose Atlas Copco for example took a 225 square metre modular structure from Röder It s our double decker model Solu tion Plus The building had aluminium and glazed facades an extension and a balcony recalls Röder marketing manager Stjepan Djurdjan Gosch From the balcony there was an impressive panoramic view of the outdoor area with Atlas Copco s drilling equipment and hammer drills McCloskey was another exhibitor using a Röder temporary building Next to its im posing open cast mining machinery there was a two storey 175 square metre alumini um and glass Röder Solution Plus tent with Alea facades featuring McCloskey corporate design On the ground floor there was a café with a terrace outside and the upper floor offered space for meetings Another ex hibitor at Bauma 2016 used tent halls as the focal point and framework for its entire ap pearance at the fair The Doka Group a world leading manufacturer of formwork technology exhibited an extensive array of products projects and components inside the tents To this end the company put in place a 4 000 square metre exhibition com plex the Doka campus consisting of Röder glass and aluminium halls with an outdoor seating area We are delighted that we were able to develop and build the new Doka campus in its entirety using our Alea 2 0 fa cade system Röder met a quite different set of requirements at the world s largest eques trian event CHIO 2016 in Aachen An entire city of Röder tents and mobile event halls is erected every year all around the show ground We put up VIP tents for competi tors and special guests and provide hospital ity exhibition and meeting areas Then there are all the buildings required for the many sales stands snack bars and catering says Djurdjan Gosch In addition to all that there are party tents of nine to 50 square metres wine tents of around 50 square metres and large tents of up to 375 square metres www roder com JK RÖDER Zelt und Veranstaltungsservice GmbH Am Lautenstein 63654 Büdingen Germany Fon 49 6049 700 0 Fax 49 6049 700 339 info r zs com www r zs com WE BUILD IT TEMPORARY CONSTRUCTIONS WORLDWIDE RÖDER SOLUTION PLUS 20 x 35 m bei den Extreme Sailing Series in Hamburg Im Auftrag von OC Sport UK R 79TradeFairs Internation al 6 2016 PRACTICE

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