T he exhibitor figure for all trade fairs events and congresses in 2017 is ex pected to increase by five per cent in Bern And the total visitor figure for all events will probably even see a ten per cent rise The company wants to boost its innova tive image as a good basis for generating ad ditional business In the past Bernexpo al ready had good figures to present to its shareholders To consolidate and further strengthen its competitive position the group wants to invest in its infrastructure Among other things it wants to build a multi pur pose centre for large scale events BElive Center And it has received promises and binding declarations of intent for this infra structural expansion from its partners the city canton and civil community for invest ments in an amount of 80 million euros This large scale project is to be a new beacon for Bern and will resonate far beyond the city borders To gear up for the future Bernexpo is al so pulling out all the stops elsewhere in the Swiss capital Merging the digital possibili ties with the core business of the Bernexpo Group will be one of the great challenges of the next few years Because there is still a great need for real live encounters it s all about finding the right digital accompani ment to these live moments Bernexpo wants to have an optimum exhibition and event marketing in place for national and in ternational markets For this purpose it has set its strategic course by integrating the communication agency Republica and founding Republica Live Major fairs in Bern for 2017 include consumer goods show Ornaris Swiss Public for public agencies and administrations and Sindex the leading Swiss trade show for automation www bern expo ch PB 48 TradeFairs Internation al 6 2016 INTERNATIONAL SWITZERLAND Need for real encounters Bernexpo wants to grow both in terms of quantity and quality next year and beyond And is pulling out all the stops for this in various fields UFI convenes in Shanghai Over 600 events professionals frommore than 50 countries gathered inShanghai for the UFI Global Congress in the first half of November Chaired by UFI president Sergey Alexeev the assembly high lighted an array of new initiatives supporting and inspiring UFI s 700 members in 84 countries Last year the global association of the exhibition industry launched several new projects They include the Next Gener ation Leadership Grant and Global Exhibi tions Day which will take place on 7 June 2017 In his first year as the UFI s managing director Kai Hattendorf met numerous private and public sector leaders from every conti nent both in their own coun tries and UFI s Paris headquarters The trends and needs that were identified during these talks were shared with the network of al most 60 association members Andreas Gruchow of Deutsche Messe Hanover has taken over the reins as UFI president for 2016 17 He will be joined by Sergey Aleexev ExpoForum Inter national and Corrado Peraboni Fiera Milano in UFI s new presi dential trio The next major events for 2017 will be the UFI Open Seminar in Asia to be held in Singapore next February and the UFI Open Seminar in Europe to be staged in Cologne next May The 84th UFI Congress will take place in Sandton City near Johannesburg South Africa in early November 2017 www ufi org Ph ot o U FI

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