S habby faded advertising banners are counter productive so they are general ly thrown away and end up at the dump That may have a positive impact in terms of marketing but the effect on the environment is clearly negative particularly since recycling options are often ignored There is another way however as demon strated recently by a joint initiative launched by Messe Karlsruhe and regional newspaper Badische Neueste Nachrichten BNN which attracted a considerable amount of attention The trade fair company and the newspaper have worked together closely for many years The BNN often presents itself at trade fairs and exhibitions in Karlsruhe one example be ing the consumer fair offerta This year the newspaper is celebrating its 75th anniversary and decided to mark the oc casion by joining forces with Messe Karlsru he to launch an initiative with a slogan that translates roughly as Doing Good Together The idea was to reuse materials rather than throw them away Old advertising banners of the two companies were turned into stylish bags thus giving the materials new life while also supporting a good cause The bags were made by Lebenshilfe Bruchsal Bretten a charity that helps disabled people Each of these Messe Karlsruhe BNN Special Edition bags is a unique sustainable product Messe Karlsruhe showcased the bags which featured the company s motifs and logos in a prize draw on its Facebook page in the first week of March Readers of the Badische Neueste Nachrichten were the tar get group People were invited to send birth day greetings to the newspaper and 20 win ners were then drawn The prize draw was combined with an appeal for donations to Lebenshilfe Bruchsal Bretten In this way Messe Karlsruhe hoped to both strengthen a partner in the region and support the charity which runs a workshop for people with dis abilities who make sustainable bags and other textile products by hand on a daily ba sis The charity s mission is to help them in their everyday lives and enable them to work and learn together The Karlsruhe initiative is certainly worth emulating although it may not be possible to reuse other materials in quite the same way www messe karlsruhe de PB 8 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2021 GERMANY Recycling for a good cause Trade fairs aren t generally considered to be very environ mentally friendly But an initiative in Karlsruhe has shown how materials that are no longer needed can be reused New book on the future of trade fairs conventions and events Digitalisation is proceeding at paceand is set to bring dramatic changesto the events industry The pandemic is accelerating the process What does the future look like for trade fairs conventions and events Well known experts provide answers in a 243 page book published by TFI Verlagsgesellschaft in March 2021 The book is currently available in German only entitled Die Zukunft von Messen Kon gressen und Events for 34 95 euros www tfi publications com Trade fairs conventions and events are currently laid low Once the Covid crisis is overcome many things will be just like they were before but others will be differ ent Many are wondering what new event formats will emerge in the future Both the expectations of participants and digital de velopments will play a role in that Just as interesting are the future business models designed to enable enough money to be earned from events 28 high calibre authors have their say in 25 guest contributions The result is an absorbing collection of essays subdivided into seven different sections business models event formats digitalisation the expectations of target groups how compa nies will present themselves at events in fu ture the challenges of live communication and new thinking One message comes across clearly the foundations are in place for the event industry to flourish in the fu ture There is much on which a bright fu ture can be built Den ausrangierten Werbemitteln wurde durch die Weiterverarbeitung ein neues Leben geschenkt The discarded promo material was given a new life thanks to recycling Ph ot o O liv er B en di g Ph ot og ra ph y

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