and hygiene room solutions Nothing else is changing apart from the name We will con tinue to represent excellence in quality serv ice and safety underlines Jens Becker All contacts for the customers will remain the same and will be happy to answer any ques tions about the products says the CEO of Exolon Group The Makrolon name will not vanish com pletely But from now on it will only be used for the polycarbonate raw material As a reg istered trademark the Makrolon brand will still be owned by the Covestro Group which provides the raw material for Exolon More over the production processes processing and surface quality will be the same and the material properties will be identical All safe ty regulations classifications and certifica tions fire classifications CE will remain un changed In future the new Exolon lettering will appear on protective films documentation and samples Customers will find that the fa miliar product naming convention is essen tially retained For instance the Makrolon multi UV sheets will now become Exolon multi UV Dealers who still have Makrolon sheet products in stock may continue to use the material until the stock is sold Due to the identical material properties the old Makrolon and new Exolon sheets can be used together www exolongroup com JK 33TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2021 PRACTICE N E W S IELA Data Room A vast comprehensive collection of data on worldwide exhibition event logistics to contribute greatly to giving visibility to the important role that the IELA network has as sumed in the industry Aimed at both public and private stakeholders The Industry Relations Working Group IELA chairperson Guido Fornelli and IELA execu tive officer Elizabeth Niehaus started this project named Data Room four years ago The purpose of our Data Room is to promote a better understanding of our importance with external players in the forwarding and logistics industries e g carriers governmen tal agencies such as trade agencies customs or police authorities The aim is to create a unique repository an independent Data Room where members can input their data and let the association obtain the aggregate figures generated by our members segment The project is part of our vision to become a content driven association IELA will use data as a tool to create consis tency in its purpose to improve products and services and thus remain competitive This data will benefit every single IELA mem ber as it is a helpful tool to improve commu nication in the media and with third parties Negotiation with carriers and other players in the international transport industry will be facilitated Our reputation with organisers and venue owners will be strengthened In turn we will also be able to better under stand our market share and positioning within the exhibition logistics market Guido Fornelli highlights the importance of member participation by saying Every IELA member is invited to invest a few minutes of their time to complete the survey in order to give us the opportunity to obtain a signifi cant database to turn this project into yet another IELA success www iela org From a corporate division to a medium sized company Timeline of the company and brand history 2000 Sheet Europe Business is founded as a joint venture between Bayer AG and Röhm GmbH consisting of Axxis Belgium Carbo lux Italy and Degussa Germany 2003 Name change to Bayer Sheet Europe based in Darmstadt wholly owned subsidia ry of Bayer MaterialScience Leverkusen 2011 Name change to Bayer MaterialScien ce GmbH 2015 Consolidation of the European sheet business and integration into the Bayer Group September 2015 Spin off of the Bay er MaterialScience plastics business and foundation of the Covestro Group 2019 Covestro sells its European plastic sheet division to Serafin a diversified group of companies based in Munich The Exolon Group is founded and continues the multi wall and solid sheet business from January 2020 2021 The long established Makrolon plastic sheet brand is changed to Exolon in order to achieve a greater market penetration for the new company Stegplatten Exolon Multi UV Der Markenname der Steg und Massivplatten aus Polycar bonat hat sich geändert Exolon Multi UV multiwall sheets new brand name for multiwall and solid polycarbo nate sheets Ph ot o E xo lo n

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