T hings are happening north of Lantau Island A policy address by the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region shows that the government supports the expo centre s expansion plan AWE s phase II development will increase gross ex hibition space by more than 40 per cent Thanks to the expansion which is currently still in the planning phase capacities will grow from currently 70 000 to 100 000 square meters This is a response to Hong Kong s exhibition capacities having been pushed to their limits in recent years which is increasingly an obstacle to prosper ity The expansion project is to make the event industry in the metropolis of seven and a half million more competitive and hence benefit other sectors of Hong Kong s economy After all trade shows and con gresses also generate revenue in other areas due to indirect yields The phase II development of AsiaWorld Expo will be part of a larger development process in the immediate vicinity of the ven ue The expansion of trade fair capacities is closely connected with the Airport City de velopment blueprint around the neighbour ing Chek Lap Kok airport Airport Authori ty Hong Kong which holds a stake in AWE together with the Hong Kong government wants to invest around 40 billion Hong Kong dollars 4 4 billion euros by 2030 This in vestment is to enhance the airport s capacity and functionality In return various beacon projects will be created over the next few years including the additional space for AsiaWorld Expo Among other things Termi nal 2 is expected to reopen after an expan sion in 2024 Moreover Skycity slated for completion by 2025 is to be an integral part of the Airport City development according to the announced plan Covering an area of 25 hectares this is one of the largest commer cial projects under development in Hong Kong The Airport Authority already calls it Hong Kong s new landmark Skycity will combine a wide range of fa cilities and offerings that are scheduled to open in phases They will include in partic ular 11 Skies with three office towers re tail dining entertainment leisure and hotel facilities Over 800 shops and more than 120 dining concepts will be part of the project Another important facility of Skycity will strengthen its infrastructure the Intermodal Transfer Terminal From 2022 this terminal will provide two way land and air inter change services for passengers travelling be tween Hong Kong to Macau or Zhuhai short ening their transit time The border crossing facilities of the mega bridge across the Pearl River Delta named after these three cities is located close to AsiaWorld Expo This could soon lead to a surge in visitors for whom accommodation is being prepared Regala Skycity Hotel with 1 208 rooms and suites is scheduled to open as early as this year With its diverse offerings Skycity will create major synergies and hence further boost the event experience for visitors www asiaworld expo com PB 24 TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2021 INTERNATIONAL HONG KONG Major developments at the airport More than 15 years after its opening in December 2005 the expansion plans of AsiaWorld Expo AWE are currently gaining momentum as part of a huge development project Die geplante Erweite rung der AsiaWorld Expo geht mit der ent stehenden Airport City am Chek Lap Kok Flughafen einher The planned expansion of AsiaWorld Expo is closely connected with the emerging Airport City at Chek Lap Kok airport Ph ot o A si aW or ld E xp o

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