W ith Covid 19 things are no longer how they used to be and trade fair centre operators and event or ganisers have to be able to ensure that there are not too many people in an ex hibition hall or at a trade fair This can be done by apportioning trade fair tickets that are issued or by monitoring the visitors pres ent or even better by doing both Our ac cess control systems automatically manage visitor flows and thus ensure compliance with the regulations explains Claudia Kopetzky the company s chief marketing of ficer Axess is based in Anif near Salzburg Austria and is a leader in the field of access management The company s solutions will be in operation as soon as trade fairs are al lowed to take place again The Axess Capac ity Manager controls the number of tickets that are sold and allows a maximum number to be set for each day This smart new soft ware solution even enables a maximum number to be set for each ticket category explains Kopetzky For example you might want to limit the number of tickets sold to 2 000 for visitors and 150 for exhibitors for each day The Axess Capacity Monitor controls vis itor flows in the various exhibition halls and thus ensures compliance with the rules All parts of the venue can be precisely defined right down to small sub areas such as indi vidual conference rooms Each hall or sec tion is equipped with scanners so that the numbers of people entering and leaving can be monitored In this way the Axess Capac ity Monitor provides an accurate overview of all visitors currently present at any given time continues Kopetzky As soon as the capacity limit is reached the access gates are closed she explains They don t open again until the number of visitors has fallen to the permitted level again This process is automatic and ensures that that there are never too many people at the trade fair or in a particular hall But what does that actually mean for vis itors at an event First of all that they can register for the event or purchase their ticket online hassle free They can then go directly to the entrance and attend the trade fair Thanks to this digital sales process visitor numbers can be spread evenly throughout the day ensuring that there are no peak times It is still also possible to buy a ticket at the venue but there will of course be fewer tickets available due to the apportioning of the available tickets Ticket sales through the webshop reduce the likelihood of there being large numbers of people waiting at the venue s ticket of fice and give event organisers a new visitor management op tion explains Kopetzky That has proved to be a successful tool for us in other business ar eas The Axess Capacity Man ager functionality is also avail able for external ticket sales outlets www teamaxess com PB 17 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2 2021 TRADE FAIR ADMISSION SYSTEMS Automated visitor flow management The current Covid regulations require that people keep a certain distance away from others and impose a limit on the number of people allowed in a specific area Axess has devel oped solutions for this Alternativ zum Online Kauf ist es auch nach wie vor möglich das Ticket vor Ort zu erwerben Instead of buying tickets online you can also still purchase them on site Ph ot o A xe ss

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