D HL Global Event Logistics is special ized in challenging jobs such as mon itoring unusual and priceless Beet hoven artifacts and other originals which makes it perfectly suited for the BTHVN on Tour Additional services include stand construction for exhibitions as well as event and media technology I ve been overseeing special and unusu al logistical projects at DHL for nearly 25 years No day and no job is ever the same for me This might involve transporting Vivienne Westwood shoes for an international touring exhibition or precious musical instruments for Leipzig s world famous Gewand hausorchester says Gregor Klam mer Head of Solution Design at DHL Global Event Logistics For the last six years DHL has been working on a very spe cial project with Beethoven Haus Bonn to commemorate the 250th anniversary of Ludwig van Beethoven s birth in 2020 Now it s finally come to fruition Beethoven Haus Bonn is the composer s birthplace and is home to the world s most significant col lection of priceless Beethoven artifacts Cur rently we re taking a selection of these to more than 10 venues around Europe the U S and Asia We call it BTHVN on Tour Items on show include Beethoven s brass ear trumpet and the violin with his personal wax seal as well as an original print from Andy Warhol s Beethoven series from 1987 To transport the exhibits we carefully pack them in specially manufactured protec tive cases that have been built by our master craftsmen who have many years of experi ence in shipping delicate and fragile goods The boxes ensure the objects are protected from temperature fluctuations and vibrations and have airtight seals to prevent fluid or dust contamination During transport we continuously monitor them using DHL SmartSensor technology The trickiest part of the process is usually going through cus toms so it s important to make sure the pa perwork is correct and that someone is there to supervise if officials want to see inside the cases priceless and irreplaceable It s an interesting project to be a part of be cause I m a music fan although isn t every one Mind you before I started this job I mainly liked pop and rock but now thanks to my work I ve been behind the scenes with orchestras and had the opportunity to see them play live in concert halls As a re sult I ve become a big fan of classical music too says Gregor Klammer This article was first published in Deliv ered The Global Logistics Magazine For more information please visit www deliv ered dhl or InMotion dhl BTHVN for the vir tual BTHVN exhibition tour Besides Solution Design logistical servic es the DHL portfolio includes a wide selec tion of digital offers such as virtual the exhi bition tour and digital studio Please visit www dhl solutiondesign com or contact us at event logistics dhl com 39TradeFairs Internation al 2 2020 BTHVN on Tour supported by DHL Global Event Logistics With a unique blend of global expertise local knowledge and a one hand service portfolio DHL Global Event Logistics is the ideal logistics partner for the worldwide BTHVN on Tour ANZEIGEPRACTICE Gregor Klammer Head of Solution Design and Malte Boecker Managing Director of the Beethoven Haus Bonn at the first stop at the Walt Disney Concert Hall USA DHL Global Event Logistics works with special ARTS climate control led boxes in which the exhibits of the BTHVN tour are transported

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