kit The stand designer s customs broker needs to obtain an import permit e g from Bosch in order to conduct customs clear ance say of the stand designer s electric screwdriver in the tool kit This fictitious case shows that many trade fair transports with supporting documents are doomed to fail despite the best of intentions The almost religious fervour of the Russian customs authorities is maybe explained by the fact that around 30 per cent of Russia s federal budget stems directly from import customs duties and taxes Plus Although the Russian customs code should be applied consistently different customs offices use different inter pretations According to Rauch exhibition logistics in Africa involves a huge bureaucracy within all government bodies in many countries When working with customs brokers in African countries it is best to try and work with someone one has had some kind of pre vious dealings with Or somebody who has been referred to one s company Working with an unknown broker can lead to prob lems Delaying tactics are frequently used to extort money Many of the problems at bor der crossings can be alleviated by making use of an IELA member The lecture by Christoph Rauch and Elizabeth Niehaus con cluded with a presentation of the new IELA organiser exhibitor portals There you can find tips and tricks from experienced freight forwarders with hands on solutions as well as advice to help prepare the transit of goods across borders www iela org PB 35TradeFairs Internation al 2 2020 PRACTICE New IELA Reload Programme Exhibition logistics suppliers can betterprepare for the new normal by joiningthe IELA Reload Pro gramme launched at the beginning of May The serv ice is dedicated to the fast changing and still uncertain rules for international for warding It is based on the comprehensive data result ing from the IELA Covid 19 impact survey IELA Reload provides members with an advocacy platform to share conceive and initiate best practices The activities of the platform include e learning Recovery Talks and regional sessions from Monday to Thursday The fo cus is on successfully re bounding by limiting loss es and increasing strengths Members can share their expectations and needs to be addressed The first online Recov ery Talk session took place on 6 May moder ated by IELA board member Mariane Ew bank The topics were coping with the new scenarios and implement ing damage limitation meas ures It addressed how the exhibition logistics industry should cope with 6 9 or 12 months without shows actu ally taking place But Recov ery Talk 4 on 27 May will also discuss the way out of lock down Moderated by Garcia Newell Agility its title is Why only back to normal why not back to better IELA stresses the importance of communication within the industry Learning from col leagues beyond national bor ders is of great importance This makes it possible to cre ate the global picture on dif fering frameworks and situa tions at both regional and national levels Ph ot o IE LA Elizabeth Niehaus freute sich dass der Verband die neuen IELA Ver anstalter und Ausstellerportale vorstellen durfte Elizabeth Niehaus was happy that the association was able to pre sent the new IELA organiser and ex hibitor portals 9 0 MONDAY WEEKLY RECORDINGS 2018 IELA Forum Keynote Speaker PETER FISK Watch the Replay Listen to Peter Fisk to learn more about the development of strategic horizons to shape markets to your advantage REGIONAL TALKS WORKING GROUPS TALKS IELA TALK Working Groups Brainstorm 1PM 2PM Geneva RECOVERY TALK 1 6 9 or 12 months without shows Coping with the new scenarios implementing damage limitation measures 3PM 4PM Geneva Moderator MARIANE EWBANK Fulstandig Shows e Eventos MC Ltda Brazil CONTENT HIGHLIGHT IELA Combined Commercial Invoice Packing List WEEKLY RECORDINGS 2018 IELA Forum Keynote Speaker MARK POLLOCK Watch the Replay Get inspired by Mark Pollock who talks about his amazing experience in facing and navigating through challenges in life REGIONAL TALKS WORKING GROUPS TALKS IELA TALK ASIA PACIFIC 4PM 5PM Singapore 10AM 11AM Geneva Moderator RAVINDER SETHI R E Rogers India Pvt Ltd India RECOVERY TALK 2 Special Logistics Leading Operations Managing Supply Chains How to navigate through the shutdown and rebound 3PM 4PM Geneva Moderator GUIDO FORNELLI CLAUDIA LEONI Expotrans S p A Italy CONTENT HIGHLIGHT IELA Training Manual WEEKLY RECORDINGS REGIONAL TALKS WORKING GROUPS TALKS RECOVERY TALK 3 CONTENT HIGHLIGHT TUESDAY WEDNESDAY THURSDAY 4 5 6 7 11 12 13 14 18 19 20 21 REPLAY LIVE LIVE May 2020 programme Ph ot o IE LA

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