ing in biotechnology and disinfection applica tions She believes that thoroughly disinfect ing the venue through scientifically proven solutions will safeguard the health of visitors and staff In addition challenging times also de mand extraordinary activities on the premises of AsiaWorld Expo We are living up to our corporate social responsibilities by supporting the government with the set up of the tempo rary test centre and Covid 19 specimen col lection facilities explains Irene Chan For inbound travellers from overseas This eases the demand on hospitals for isolation wards It is an affirmation of our capabilities in epi demic prevention and effective sanitation ef forts says Chan A healthy and safe envi ronment is equally as important as the state of the art facilities For the future Asia World Expo plans to deploy the equipment at major trade exhibitions and conventions Pri or to entering the event halls visitors must then first pass through the disinfection sys tem Its door will open automatically when visitors have passed the built in temperature check facility After entering Clean Tech out fits and carry on items of visitors are sanitised in just twelve seconds CleanTech combines a suite of technolo gies The two solutions BioEm and Aegis In telligence should be singled out particularly Specially designed for disinfection and purifi cation BioEm is a natural botanical disinfec tion solution which is well tested and known to be effective It can kill a variety of viruses almost one hundred percent including SARS and some influenza pathogens In addition it kills all bacteria using natural and safe ingre dients according to AsiaWorld Expo Aegis Intelligence is well known for disinfecting surfaces such as doors door handles escala tor handrails washrooms and chairs in restaurants In these strongly frequented areas it can eliminate potentially dangerous mi crobes with a lasting effect for up to twelve months says the management of AsiaWorld Expo www asiaworld expo com PB 28 TradeFairs Internation al 2 2020 INTERNATIONAL A djacent to Hong Kong International Airport the venue has deployed the world s first CleanTech disinfection installation and advanced air purifica tion technology This is setting a trend for the MICE industry as it prepares for eventual re covery after the crisis The Hong Kong SAR Government has announced a sum of 30 bil lion Hong Kong dollars 3 5 billion euros for the Anti Epidemic Fund says Irene Chan More than 1 billion Hong Kong dollars has been earmarked for the industry to reinvigo rate Hong Kong s reputation as an interna tional premier C E hub says the CEO of AsiaWorld Expo We welcome the measures and go an extra mile She wants to proac tively engage with manufacturers specialis HONG KONG A healthy and safe environment At present the coronavirus pandemic shows us what an important role hygiene plays for prevention AsiaWorld Expo subscribes to this and has installed innovative applications An stark frequentierten Stellen lassen sich poten ziell gefährliche Mikroben für längere Zeiträume eli minieren In strongly frequented areas potentially dangerous mi crobes can be eliminated with a lasting effect Ph ot o A si aW or ld E xp o

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