booming loudspeakers The technology should be easy to operate failure proof and flexibly extendable for example when visi tors come and go spontaneously One system that fulfils these requirements is the Unite digital communication system by beyerdy namic Stand visitors are provided with a re ceiver and headphones and guided through the product portfolio by a speaker via a transmitter The system is also ideal for press conferences Sound from external sources can be easily integrated and guests can even ask questions via a return channel The many interfering signals from various wi fi networks and radio microphones at a trade fair are no problem at all Gifts Creative giveaways are an excellent way to turn trade fair visitors into brand ambassa dors Ideally the information material and a few small souvenirs are packed in fabric bags featuring the company logo They can be gifted to select guests as goodie bags At the end of a guided tour for visitors the partici pants are pleased to receive the little give aways they contain In addition they will probably be carrying the bag with them all day and be clearly visible at the fair One can even add samples of the exhibitor s products Or themed gifts that will allow the exhibitor to leave a good and memorable impression even after the fair Feedback After taking part in a fair experiences are still fresh and all participants are in the flow This is the perfect time to plan the next up coming event No later than one week after the fair one should organise a meeting or telephone conference to receive feedback What went well What could be better next time How was the media feedback Which guests were in attendance How did the tech nology work All voices should be heard in order to get the broadest possible picture and collect all their experiences this way the next fair is guaranteed to be a success or ga ni si er en di ffe re nz ie re n fa sz in ie re n Wir sind bluepool Ihr Messeauftritt wird zum einzigartigen Markenerlebnis Digital Individuell Im Trend www bluepool de DIGITAL MESSE AM PULS MESSE ERLEBEN 55TradeFairs Internation al 1 2020 TFI KNOW HOW Expert Amelie Raisch Event international communications manager Beyerdynamic Heilbronn Contact audiosystems beyerdynamic de

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