W hen a course of study revolves around trade fair conference and event management it seems reasonable that the stu dents should also gain practical experience particularly at a con ference co organised by the uni versity itself The students at Baden Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University Mannheim DHBW play an important role at the Eventforum as do those who teach them We spend two se mesters planning sub areas and also have operational responsibili ty in project teams for the imple mentation of different aspects reports Michael Dinkel a profes sor and course director at DHBW Mannheim For example we look after speakers do press work and manage participants he ex plains Our students also take care of introducing the panel de bate They introduce the partici pants in a very personal interview format They receive coaching be forehand to enable them to do this DHBW Mannheim has now brought help on board for the Eventforum the event and con ference technology service pro vider epicto a company based in Edingen Neckarhausen where the event is being held for the second time Our first two Eventforums were one day events which de veloped so quickly that we were no longer able to handle them on our own explains Dinkel Since 2017 we have been working with epicto whose company event had grown in a similar way Now the two partners combine to stage a two day conference with an ac companying exhibition of technol ogy The first day is essentially the epicto technology forum at which the programme of talks addresses the latest developments such as above all technical innovations security checks admission control anddigital reality at events On the second day the DHBW Event forum focuses on fascinating event management issues says Dinkel We include CSR ques tions in live communication as well as event visions and trends During the Eventforum there are guided tours through the tech nology exhibition which includes hands on experiences and a show production is simulated in the show laboratory The Eventforum is aimed primarily at customers partner companies and friends of epicto and of the DHBW Mannheim trade fair convention and event management course Participant numbers are limited says Dinkel We would be happy to hear from anyone in the in dustry who is interested he adds email michael dinkel dhbw mannheim de Subject to places being available we will issue an invitation www mke dhbw mannheim de eventforum mann heim PB Pre registration at Experience the Lifestyle Trade Fair like no others of Bangkok at the heart FOCUS 31TradeFairs Internation al 1 2019 EVENTS LOCATIONS Event industry get together The Eventforum Mannheim is taking place for the fourth time on 22 and 23 May Both the conference itself and the way it is organised are unique Die Organisato ren der letzten Ausgabe v l Steffen Ronft Michael Schenk epicto und Michael Dinkel The organisers of the last edi tion from the left Steffen Ronft Michael Schenk epicto and Michael Dinkel Ph ot o D H BW M an nh ei m ep ic to

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