The spielraum games fair is a case in point In cooperation with playmobil Messe Dresden offers visitors lots of material to play with In addition we purchased hundreds of thousands of Lego bricks which are also freely available to all visitors reports Ulrich Finger This is rounded off by large interactive board game and electronic game areas in cooperation with Games for Families Those who pre fer a bit more peace and quiet will find children s books readings nursery plays and craft areas in a separate hall The focus of the trade fair is on active play says the trade fair director Of course the fact that this entices people to buy the products is an intended side ef fect The room style fair has now become a kind of social meeting place in Dresden It features the latest trends in home furnishings and design The atmosphere is somewhere between that of a designer store and a living room describes Ulrich Finger People get together to enjoy fine wine good food and leisurely strolls among the exhibits At room style the unusual opening hours until 10 p m on Fridays and 9 p m on Saturdays are a special incentive for visitors So you can spend a nice evening there with your family or friends This ben efits the exhibitors says Finger Dresdner Easter is a classic consumer show Europe s largest or chid show on more than 6 000 square metres is a highlight of the tie in programme The combination of a spring fair and orchid show is a crowd magnet The spring fair not only offers traditional consumer show exhibits but also focuses strongly on the world of gardening from flower bulbs through plants and garden furniture to the large special exhibition on tiny gardens with advice on design and mainte nance Dresdner Easter s tie in programme also attracts its very own visitors On the Friday of the event after official closing time the Night of the Orchids takes place in the orchid exhibition where the orchid hall is kept open especially from 7 to 10 p m Every year we welcome around 1 000 visitors to the show Ulrich Finger is pleased to report www messe dresden de PB Messen und Ausstellungen 2019 2020 2 0 1 9 14 Blechexpo Internationale Fachmesse für Blechbearbeitung 05 08 11 2019 Messe Stuttgart 7 Schweisstec Internationale Fachmesse für Fügetechnologie 05 08 11 2019 Messe Stuttgart 38 Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions und Montageautomatisierung 07 10 10 2019 Messe Stuttgart 13 Bondexpo Internationale Fachmesse für Klebtechnologie 07 10 10 2019 Messe Stuttgart 27 Fakuma Internationale Fachmesse für Kunststoffverarbeitung 13 17 10 2020 Messe Friedrichshafen 7 Stanztec Fachmesse für Stanztechnik 23 25 06 2020 CongressCentrum Pforzheim 34 Control Internationale Fachmesse für Qualitätssicherung 05 08 05 2020 Messe Stuttgart 15 Optatec Int Fachmesse für optische Technologien Komponenten und Systeme 12 14 05 2020 Frankfurt M 14 Bondexpo Internationale Fachmesse für Klebtechnologie 05 08 10 2020 Messe Stuttgart 39 Motek Internationale Fachmesse für Produktions und Montageautomatisierung 05 08 10 2020 Messe Stuttgart 2 0 2 0 18 Faszination Modellbau FRIEDRICHSHAFEN Internationale Messe für Modellbahnen und Modellbau 01 03 11 2019 Messe Friedrichshafen nternationale odel lbahn usstel lung 35 7 Faszination Modellbahn Internationale Messe für Modelleisenbahnen Specials Zubehör 15 17 03 2019 Maimarkthalle Mannheim 33 Control Internationale Fachmesse für Qualitätssicherung 07 10 05 2019 Messe Stuttgart P E Schall GmbH Co KG a Gustav Werner Straße 6 D 72636 Frickenhausen f 49 0 7025 9206 0 F 49 0 7025 9206 880 m info schall messen de www schall messen de 37 Modellbahn Internationale Ausstellung für Modellbahn und zubehör 19 22 11 2020 Koelnmesse nternationale odel lbahn usstel lung 37 Messe Sinsheim GmbH a Gustav Werner Straße 6 D 72636 Frickenhausen f 49 0 7025 9206 100 F 49 0 7025 9206 88100 m info messe sinsheim de www messe sinsheim de 29 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2019 BrandEx Awards premiere The presentation ceremony for the BrandEx Awards took place forthe first time on the evening of 15 January at Messe Westfalen hallen Dortmund This new creative competition for live commu nication made its debut at the International Festival of Brand Experi ence Entries for the international BrandEx Awards were invited in the following categories Events Architecture Crossmedia Plan ning Craft Production and Fresh The competition is the result of merging the Famab Award the Bea Award the Famab New Talent Award and the Ina Award The background to all this and the reason for launching the new format was a recognition that the live market ing sector which includes everything to do with business events needs a comprehensive contest like this to spark creativity and de bate and enable industry players to engage with each other What has emerged in Dortmund is an event that facilitates a multidiscipli nary exchange involving experienced industry players and others in cluding committed young people It gives all interested parties the opportunity to meet up and discuss whatever issues concern them or ideas they have come up with In preparation for the event nu merous industry players from different sub areas of live marketing and brand architecture worked together for a year in multidiscipli nary project groups www brand ex org

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