have been installed on the roof These pro duce enough energy to satisfy the average annual requirements of 241 four person households This is in addition to what is al ready produced by the photovoltaic systems on the roof of Hall 10 and the Rebstock mul ti storey car park These generate an average of 900 megawatt hours of solar electricity a year enough to supply the needs of 200 households Messe Frankfurt is also committed to protecting the climate when it comes for ex ample to the deliveries made at the trade fair site which is the size of 90 football fields Three StreetScooter electric delivery vehicles are being trialled so some of the delivery traffic is purely electric and thus produces no emissions Carpets signs and even snacks for break times are delivered carbon neutrally on site by Messe Frankfurt s service partners explains Uwe Behm a member of the executive board These StreetScooters are an investment in the reduction of our carbon footprint argues Behm The Frankfurt trade fair company has been putting its faith in electric vehicles for some time now In 2011 they bought the first electric Mercedes Benz A Class vehicle A hy drogen vehicle was also in use at the trade fair centre Today there are several electric vehicles in the trade fair centre s internal fleet Messe Frankfurt has 13 charging points on site for these vehicles but not only for them exhibitors and trade fair visitors are al so able to use them www messefrankfurt com PB 12 FOCUS TradeFairs Internation al 1 2019 H all 12 at Messe Frankfurt which offi cially opened last autumn is archi tecturally striking and also boasts some impressive numbers It offers almost 34 000 square metres of exhibition space on two floors There are 800 parking spaces available in the adjacent car park Around 600 kilometres of data and commu nication cables and 50 kilometres of cables for the building s services were laid There are also 46 ventilation systems 50 000 square metres of ventilation ducts six cool ing machines 34 kilometres of pipes for the heating and cooling systems and 160 radia tors In addition there are 25 000 sprinklers and 11 2 kilometres of stainless steel pipes for drinking water However there are also some remarkable energy related numbers 5 300 solar modules covering an area of 9 000 square metres GERMANY Carbon footprint Messe Frankfurt has increased its capacity with its new Hall 12 It is also using the hall s roof to generate green elec tricity and has a fleet of elec tric vehicles as well as numer ous charging points Forst live anniversary event with bioenergy conference The forestry trade fair Forst live is cele brating its 20th anniversary from 29 to31 March at Messe Offenburg Ortenau Launched in the year 2000 following the cy clone Lothar the most recent event attracted 32 000 visitors from Germany and abroad Over 400 exhibitors presented new products and the latest market trends at this Europe wide trade fair for the forestry and timber in dustry This year there is again 46 000 square metres of indoor and outdoor exhibition space available Forst live has a unique charac ter as a demo show for forestry technology and wood energy professionals can get prac tice oriented demonstrations of small and large machinery for forestry Renewable ener gies play an important role at Forst live partic ularly in the fringe programme There will be an accompanying conference on bioenergy on 29 March the conference programme will examine current issues in relation to biomass and biogas Technical and economic aspects of wood gasification plants in the lower output range will be discussed for example Legal is sues and ways to optimise how much money is made will also be examined Strategies for keeping biogas plants in operation without state support will also be explained Bioener gy also has its own exhibition area at Forst live The bioenergy exhibitors forum where vendors can present themselves by giving short talks and staging product presenta tions is also new www messe offenburg de Uwe Behm Geschäftsführer der Messe Frankfurt vor der unternehmensinternen Elektrofahrzeugflotte Uwe Behm member of the executive board of Messe Frankfurt with the company s fleet of electric vehicles Ph ot o M es se F ra nk fu rt

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