WEIL ERFOLG VERBINDET sind wir im richtigen Moment an Ihrer Seite www leipziger messe de D iesel drivers are worried Either they will soon become pedestrians or they will need to think about getting them selves a new set of wheels before too long In February this year the German Feder al Administrative Court made a momentous decision The court came to the conclusion that diesel vehicles should be banned by the authorities in cases where this is the only rea sonable way of getting nitrogen dioxide levels under the legal limit as quickly as possible The Wiesbaden Administrative Court also stepped in recently deciding that it is neces sary to introduce a zone based vehicle ban in Frankfurt due to the impermissibly high levels of nitrogen dioxide in the air Vehicle bans re strict the accessibility of trade fair centres and accessibility is a key prerequisite if trade fairs are to operate smoothly asserts Barbara Maria Lüder who is responsible for law tax technology and sustainability at AUMA the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry Particularly during the construction and dis mantling phases of trade fairs smooth opera tions depend on diesel vehicles being able to get to and from trade fair centres quickly and easily The vehicles of trade fair visitors may also be affected However trade fair centres in Ger many are located at very different distances from their city centres and there are there fore big differences in the extent to which they are affected AUMA carried out a survey of its members in order to assess how badly the in dustry might be hit It was found that the in troduction of a ban on diesel vehicles is being discussed in a number of German trade fair host cities reports Barbara Maria Lüder With a few exceptions German trade fair centres are unlikely to be in the zones where diesel vehicles are banned due to the fact that they are generally not located in city centres In some cases however they could be affect ed The trade fair companies expect suitable exceptional arrangements to be made for them in such cases to ensure the impact of the ve hicle ban is proportionate In their view this is a local problem that can be resolved at the municipal authority level explains Lüder AUMA is also advocating that the particular needs of the trade fair industry should be tak en into account when diesel vehicle bans are introduced www auma de PB FOCUS GERMANY 2019 Impact of diesel vehicle bans Things are looking bad for diesel given the looming threat of vehicle bans next year However AUMA and its members do not expect trade fair traffic to be affected much if at all

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