16 BISp Jahrbuch Forschungsförderung 2015 16 Gelenkkontrolle bei Personen mit chronischer Sprunggelenkinstabilität shank rear foot coupling in those with chronic ankle instability Journal of sport rehabilitation 18 3 375 388 Eils E Rosenbaum D 2003 The main func tion of ankle braces is to control the joint position before landing Foot Ankle International American Orthopaedic Foot and Ankle Society and Swiss Foot and Ankle Society 24 3 263 268 Feger M A Donovan L Hart J M Hertel J 2014 Effect of ankle braces on lower extremity muscle activation during functional exercises in participants with chronic ankle instability International journal of sports physical therapy 9 4 476 487 Fong D T P Hong Y Chan L K Yung P S H Chan K M 2007 A systematic review on ankle injury and ankle sprain in sports Sports medicine Auckland N Z 37 1 73 94 Gehring D Faschian K Lauber B Lohrer H Nauck T Gollhofer A 2014 Mechani cal instability destabilises the ankle joint directly in the ankle sprain mechanism British journal of sports medicine 48 5 377 382 Gehring D Wissler S Lohrer H Nauck T Gollhofer A 2014 Expecting ankle tilts and wearing an ankle brace influence joint control in an imitated ankle sprain mechanism during walking Gait postu re 39 3 894 898 Glasgow P Bleakley C M Phillips N 2013 Being able to adapt to variable stimuli the key driver in injury and illness pre vention British journal of sports medicine 47 64 65 Hertel J 2002 Functional Anatomy Pathome chanics and Pathophysiology of Lateral Ankle Instability Journal of athletic train ing 37 4 364 375 Hiller C E Refshauge K M Bundy A C Herbert R D Kilbreath S L 2006 The Cumberland ankle instability tool a report of validity and reliability testing Archives of physical medicine and rehabili tation 87 9 1235 1241 Jerosch J Hoffstetter I Bork H Bischof M 1995 The influence of orthoses on the proprioception of the ankle joint Knee surgery sports traumatology arthroscopy 3 1 39 46 Lohrer H Alt W Gollhofer A 1999 Neu romuscular properties and functional aspects of taped ankles The American journal of sports medicine 27 1 69 75 Nishikawa T Grabiner M D 1999 Peroneal motoneuron excitability increases imme diately following application of a semirig id ankle brace The journal of orthopaedic and sports physical therapy 29 3 168 173 discussion 174 176 Thonnard J L Bragard D Willems P A Plaghki L 1996 Stability of the Braced Ankle A Biomechanical Investigation The American journal of sports medicine 24 3 356 361 Tropp H 2002 Commentary Functional An kle Instability Revisited Journal of athletic training 37 4 512 515 Verhagen Bay K 2010 Optimising ankle sprain prevention a critical review and practical appraisal of the literature British journal of sports medicine 44 15 1082 1088 Wu G Siegler S Allard P Kirtley C Leardini A Rosenbaum D Stokes I 2002 ISB recommendation on definitions of joint coordinate system of various joints for the reporting of human joint motion part I ankle hip and spine International Society of Biomechanics Journal of bio mechanics 35 4 543 548

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