SUSHI With all our sushi boxes we serve wasabi pickled ginger and soy sauce Maki box Fine selection of maki sushi filled with e g tuna salmon avocado cucumber Japanese omelette and rice wrapped in sea weed 36 pieces for 2 to 3 persons per box 96 54 pieces for 3 to 4 persons per box 140 90 pieces for 5 to 7 persons per box 230 Maki and nigiri box Fine selection of maki and nigiri sushi sushi rice topped with e g tuna salmon shrimp scallop mackerel or octopus 12 nigiri and 24 maki sushi per box 150 24 nigiri and 36 maki sushi per box 210 40 nigiri and 60 maki sushi per box 400 FONDUE CHINOISE Available from 4 persons Poultry veal and beef according to your choice per person 68 Served with fish fillets seafood vegetables and mushrooms We use poultry stock for our fondue chinoise Sauces per 200g 6 20 Cocktail Remoulade Curry Tomato and bell pepper Mango chutney Fondue cover per person 8 50 9

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